MAKEOUT is a project on gender, sexuality and the peculiarities of their manifestations. This is what we are interested in and what certainly needs more information.

We collect and archive the history of the LGBTQ life in Belarus, document personal experiences of self-identification, create a space where we can be ourselves. We don't need a ghetto or intervention. We are not “close”, we are here.

MAKEOUT is a Belarusian feminist anti-discriminatory project about gender and sexuality that seeks to heighten the awareness, promote mindfulness, and strengthen the LGBTQ-community and other vulnerable groups, which face sexual and gender identity discrimination.

Information on the website MAKEOUT is available in two languages, Belarusian and Russian.

Contact with the working groups of the project:

General email: [email protected]

Editorial office: [email protected]

News and Social Networks: [email protected]

Cinema Club: [email protected]